Top 4 Most Negative Google Ranking Factors

In this blog post I would like to write about the top 4 negative ranking factors as obtained from a poll completed by top SEO agents from around the world. So if your Ecommerce website designer has built you a great site and you’re interested in placing high in Google, you may want to consider the following.

Google’s top 4 negative ranking factors

Cloaking with malicious intent

68% of the poll results showed that this was the biggest negative ranking factor today. It basically means cloaking your website so that the search engine robots see different results depending on  different users.

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Company Web Design Mistakes: The Under Construction Page

The reason for this craziness

Why do some company web sites I see still create a page or two of “Coming Soon” or “Under Construction”? I’ve always found these extremely annoying. Like it’s wasting my time. Sites might decide to use these methods if:

  1. The web designer wants to create all the web pages he will ever want to add, today. So the site appears larger then it is.
  2. The web designer creates all the web pages the client wants before there is content. So he can get paid for creating it.

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10 Web Design Features that we’d Love to See Disappear Forever and Why


Over the years numerous web design features have been created and implemented on the web that may have seemed cool at the time. However, today they seem outdated and even annoying to most users of the Internet. What may have seemed trendy and popular then now only displays how old and outdated the web design of your web site is compared to newer, trendier ones. We always tell clients who are happy with their older-looking web sites that, while they may still think it meets their needs, it probably pales in comparison to the more recently updated web sites of other businesses in their industries. More and more people have realized that the site design that they had in 1999 might not be “keeping up with the times,” and have opted to refresh their presence on the Internet. Even still, you will come across these types of trends and features all the time. Many of the folks that create their own sites without the knowledge that comes with years of success in the field go overboard and include a host of features thinking that they are neat, funny, and showcase their talents in web design. In actuality, a web site that meets the needs of the business, is easily navigable, and has the ability to grow is considered an effective web site.

Approachnet has over a decade of experience as a web design company and we specialize in not only web site design, but also in SEO – Search engine optimization for relevant keywords and web hosting. We thought it would be interesting to compile a list of all of some common pitfalls and poke a little lighthearted fun at our own industry.

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