Top 4 Most Negative Google Ranking Factors

In this blog post I would like to write about the top 4 negative ranking factors as obtained from a poll completed by top SEO agents from around the world. So if your Ecommerce website designer has built you a great site and you’re interested in placing high in Google, you may want to consider the following.

Google’s top 4 negative ranking factors

Cloaking with malicious intent

68% of the poll results showed that this was the biggest negative ranking factor today. It basically means cloaking your website so that the search engine robots see different results depending on  different users.

This is normally accomplished by hiding text on your webpage so that users do not see it but the search engines do. It can be done by placing keywords around your page and changing the background color of the text to match that of your page body. As far as the webpage is concerned the text exists and the robots will see them. However, a user will be unable to see the text as it has the same color as your background color.

Acquiring of links from known link brokers or sellers

56% of the poll results showed that this was voted as the 2nd most negative ranking factor. We all know that Google and other search engines dislike the fact of being able to purchase links. My advice will be to stay away from purchasing links. Especially form websites that advertise this. If Google finds out, this will effect your seo. Do not buy links from brokers or other websites.

Outbound links to spam sites

51% of the poll results showed this to be the 3rd highest negative factor. It’s ok to get back-links from many sites and Google understand that a webmaster does not have control in who links to them. If a Spam site was linking back to yours then it would just get devalued or the back link will not get counted. However, it’s the opposite when your outbound linking. Google knows that all outbound links will have been placed by you. The last thing you want is for your website to link to these spammy sites. Stay away as the Spam site reputation will not work in your favor.

Server downtime and site accessibility

51% of the poll results showed this to have the 4th most negative impact on your ranking. Everyone wants to be able to visit a site. However, if it’s always down, or its down a lot, then it’s no surprise that Google will pay close attention to this. My advice would be to try and get a host which will provide you with 99.9% up time. It shouldn’t be too difficult these days.

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