Company Web Design Mistakes: The Under Construction Page

The reason for this craziness

Why do some company web sites I see still create a page or two of “Coming Soon” or “Under Construction”? I’ve always found these extremely annoying. Like it’s wasting my time. Sites might decide to use these methods if:

  1. The web designer wants to create all the web pages he will ever want to add, today. So the site appears larger then it is.
  2. The web designer creates all the web pages the client wants before there is content. So he can get paid for creating it.

Both stem from the same conceptual issue: What you don’t complete today will never get done. By this I mean that when an Under Construction page is created, it is created because someone doesn’t want to take the time to build the page that needs to be built. In #1 above that’s the web designer’s fault, in #2 it’s the client’s fault (but still technically the web designer’s fault).

How to fix the issue

When clients want a large amount of pages, but haven’t taken the time to provide you quality content ahead of time (or pay you to do it) then don’t create the page. Stand up for a quality internet by informing them the potential harm an empty page could do for them and their corporate image.

Let’s imagine you visited a new grocery store that just opened up nearby. If you walked up and down the aisles and you saw several aisles with nothing on the shelves what would you think? I’d think that store is not ready to do business yet.

When I come across a company web site with an “Under Construction” page, I feel that the company is NOT ready to do business yet. I usually move on. And if you think “visitors will see my Coming Soon page and will check back later to see if it’s done.” Wrong! 99.99% of visitors will never return.

It’s recommended that you only add navigation for pages which will be completed now. Depending on how your web designer designed the website, it should be relatively easy to add menu navigation items in the future.

When it comes to company web design, say No to “Under Construction” pages!