Company Web Design Mistakes: The Under Construction Page

The reason for this craziness

Why do some company web sites I see still create a page or two of “Coming Soon” or “Under Construction”? I’ve always found these extremely annoying. Like it’s wasting my time. Sites might decide to use these methods if:

  1. The web designer wants to create all the web pages he will ever want to add, today. So the site appears larger then it is.
  2. The web designer creates all the web pages the client wants before there is content. So he can get paid for creating it.

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Doing Business in Florida


Florida ranks among one of the best states for business and entrepreneurs due to its pro-business state tax policies and competitive cost of doing business. Florida is proud of its competitive and targeted financial advantages of doing business in the state.

Competitive Cost of Doing Business: Florida offers a cost-efficient alternative to other competitive high-tech states. Put simply, land, labor, and capital are more affordable in Florida than in California, New York, or Texas. In addition, for businesses in certain targetedindustries, the state offers additional incentives. Businesses looking for workforce training, road infrastructure or specialized locations, may also qualify for specific incentive programs.

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14 Reasons Why a Professional Blog is more beneficial than a Stagnant Website


Having a website for your online business is almost mandatory these days. If you’re interested in attracting more visitors and engaging with potential customers, then a professional blog can surely help. There are many reasons why a blog is more beneficial then a static site.

So, with that in mind, I’ve created a list and come up with few reasons to choose a blog instead of a traditional static website.

    1. It is economical to maintain a blog – You can start with Blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger that are free of cost and require no software installation. Some services offer hosting of your blog, or you can host the blog yourself. I highly recommend a blog that is hosted through your own domain.
    2. There are thousands of free themes to choose from and it gives the perfect look and feel or designs a better blog.
    3. No need to have technical knowledge about HTML or any other complex coding – Most of the features are available by using widgets and plugins available in WordPress blog.
    4. Making changes to your blog is much easier than a traditional website – whether it’s the content or the design, making changes is must easier using the built in CMS – Content Management System.
    5. Better interaction with your audience – Blogs invite comments and conversation. i.e. readers are free to give their opinion through blog comments. This is a great method of interacting with your potential customers and existing customers to find out what they really feel about your topic.
    6. You have complete control of your blog site– when it comes to security and spammers.
    7. Numerous free plugins and widgets that give you complete flexibility – Plugins make things much easier to integrate in to your site. All you have to do is search the widget or plugin gallery to find the one you want and install it.
    8. Fresh and updated content – If you have lots of things to share with your readers then you can update your blog on a regular basis with fresh, unique and informative content. Google really likes this and updating content regularly can help with your SEO – search engine optimization efforts. Whereas, a website is usually just a one-time deal.
    9. Blogs are more SEO – friendly – In a blog, a particular post is kept under specific category. And from that category, we can get an idea about keywords are they are defined in each blog post separately. Hence, individual page or a blog post targets a set of keywords, which makes a blog especially WordPress more SEO – search engine optimization friendly than a traditional website.
    10. Drive more traffic – When you update your blog and keep your readers well informed, then chances are that traffic to your blog website will increase.
    11. Increased readership – With all the points mentioned above, the ultimate result will be an increase in regular viewers.
    12. You gain credibility, you’re perceived as an authority in your niche – At this moment, you’ve master your blogging skills. You post regular articles, make them seo friendly, you’ve got better search engine ranking, traffic, regular readers and thus you gain credibility as an expert of your field.
    13. People will trust you – When you are considered as an authority in a particular subject, people believe in what you say. They anxiously wait for your next blog post and your advice is valuable for your target audience.
    14. Builds a powerful brand – You’ve built a strong online brand through your blog website.

The bottom line is: Blogs are fun and easy way to gain long term exposure. They are great means to communicate and increase readership. Blogs are great tool to build and sustain your online brand. Static sites are useful, but if you have ideas to share them with your audience, and allow your audience to interact, then you may want to consider a blog style website.

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Top Five Ways to Make Your Site More Popular

Strong Hosting

This first point is probably mostly important for those who don’t have their own website yet, but eagerly want to create one. After you have selected your domain name, the next step is to choose a hosting provider. There are many good, affordable alternatives, but what professionals usually recommend is specialized blog hosting. This form of web design and hosting allows you to set up a professional-looking website with minimal effort. Why is this important to mention when it comes to making your site more popular? Well, without strong web hosting, you won’t be able to handle large traffic if it’s very successful, which means you’ll have no chance at all of becoming well liked.

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Florida Web Design: The Benefits of CSS


The world of web design is one that is ever changing. In order to maintain a strong presence in the industry, it is necessary to master the newest techniques and trends as they become widely used. Approachnet is a Florida web design company that has been providing customers with reliable solutions to their Internet related needs since 1998. During that time, we have had to adapt to the countless changes that have taken place within our industry. In the past year, we have made advances in our techniques for designing web sites. By using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), we are able to build cleaner HTML pages that rank both better and faster, making it possible for more potential customers to find our clients’ web sites.

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